Ron Leggett is a renowned Community Developer, former non-profit Executive Director, and cannabis retail and production expert. He holds an Associate’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a Dietary Manager certification of completion. At the core of his dedication to serving others is his desire to provide holistic support that not only focuses on empowering the individual but also the community at large. This philosophy has guided him to offer innovative solutions without losing sight of how they can transform people’s lives.

Ron also co-founded the Oakland Food Pantry, the most successful non-denominational food pantry in the city. The action stemmed from the need to address hunger and food insecurity issues in the region through providing free healthy and balanced meals to families in need within the locality. Thanks to his expertise in nutrition and dietetics as well as thought leadership, he was able to create a movement of change that brought together well-wishers and stakeholders from all over, united to promote his cause to avail nutritional meals to everyone.

Ron is a first-generation urban Native American, born in Oakland after his parents were relocated as part of the United States Indian Relocation Act of 1956. His varied professional experience includes serving as an EMT Firefighter and Driver Operator for over 13 years with a background in Fire Science, Fire Inspection, and Fire Officer training prior to being injured in the line of duty. Ron has also owned other small businesses such as a laundromat, and R&B CPR and First Aid Training.

Leveraging his entrepreneurship skills coupled with his unmistakable passion for making a difference, Ron will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Chiefing Inc., California’s first Native American verified, Equity Manufacturing Company.

Oakland is a city of Great Community. During his Process of applying & being awarded an Oakland retail store front he met a new friend Patti .

Patti O’Brien is a spearheading Nursing professional and committed Herbalist whose underlying missions are to raise the cannabis industry bar and improve life quality. She has an extensive background within the cannabis industry and has cultivated the fundamental leadership skills that have surfaced advancing wellness prosperity and industry growth for the last two decades.

Patti earned an Associate’s degree in Nursing, earned her California State License in Pharmacy, and studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute to teach meditation. Patti also heavily studied the pharmacological value of terpenes in herbs and currently manages a ‘farm to cup’ herb farm in Sonoma county. Overall, the intertwining of medical and energy healing lenses is profoundly linked to Patti’s successes to date and allowed her to pioneer new innovations from diverse perspective angles that unearthed proven patient results.

Fast forward to today, Patti’s resume is nothing shy of impressive. Going from mastering her role in the medical field, she began working at C.A.R.E. in the late 90’s which is one of Oaklands first licensed medical dispensaries during the prop 215 era. She was initially integrated into the team due to her prevalent history in Pharmacy and admired every moment of being able to offer her knowledge and unique insights to bring medical expertise into the space.

Since then, she has become a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, a member of the International Nurses Association, and has infused her energy into the new cannabis regulations in California. In addition to Chiefing, She has also acquired two California retail cannabis stores and successfully closed two acquisitions with notable brands, including Acreage Holdings & Cookies, Inc.

Overall, nothing makes Patti & Ron happier than being able to provide society with the most advanced, vetted, and quality assured cannabis products and experiences that they deserve.Their integrity and trust, demonstrates their devotion through professional, qualified, and compassionate services that have left lasting marks in the cannabis industry as a whole.

When Ron and Patti were both awarded an Oakland Dispensary License at the same time, inspiration struck thereby turning what would have otherwise become a competition into a new partnership. Joining forces, the dynamic duo launched Chief-ing Inc., California’s first Native American verified, Equity Manufacturing Company which is located in Oakland. Offering a unique blend of leadership, foresight, and knowledge, their defined focus lies in producing quality cannabis pre-rolls at a competitive price. With decades of experience in every aspect of the cannabis business from genetics and cultivation to retailing and operations the two are determined to revolutionize the industry through professional services and quality products.